Initial body composition and sex affects to the velocity of body weight loss: a PRONAF study

Miguel Angel Rojo-Tirado, Pedro J Benito Peinado, Ana B Peinado Lozano, Javier Butragueño Revenga, Francisco Javier Calderón Montero


To evaluate the effect of the initial Body Mass Index (BMI) and sex on the velocity of the body weight loss.The methods used included 180 overweight and obese participants (18 – 50 years; Body Mass Index (BMI) >25 and <34.9 kg/m2). Training groups exercised three times per week, and participants from only diet group respected the recommendations about physical activity from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), during twenty-four weeks while having 25-30% calorie restriction. Two-way repeated-measures ANOVA was employed to analyze the initial and final body composition by sex and initial BMI. The main finding of this study is that the BW loss is affected by the initial BMI and sex. Body weight loss is affected by the initial BMI and sex, being greater for the obese people than for the overweight one, showing differences between sexes only in the overweight condition.


body weight, body composition, caloric restriction, exercise intervention, weight loss velocity



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