Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Education for diversity from the physical education area: Sensitivity games

Concepción Suárez Llorca, José Antonio Pérez Turpin



In most of the educative centers, we can find different children with special educative necessities, permanent or transitory, that they demand an answer on the part of the school, of attention to its necessities, next to the respect and acceptance of its characteristics. This article tries to give to a vision of the possibilities that presents/displays the school more concretely and the Area of Physical education in Primary, in order to educate in the diversity by means of the education-learning activities that in her are made the idea of the acceptance of the difference like fundamental element in the education. The Area of Physical education, she is one of the curricular areas that present/display greater possibilities of education in the diversity by its own characteristics, nevertheless, one is of the most not known in the Primary Education. By means of this article, we presented/displayed one of the many experiences that can supply the Area of Physical education, in the respect and education in the diversity.


Education; School; Diversity; Special necessities


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