Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

School: a coloured world af a everyday reality performance analysis: motor project of educational research for an effective integration

Manuela Valentini, Elisa Mezzelani, Giorgia Marziani, Stefano Di Tore, Ario Federici



The main purpose of this paper is to highlight the socializing value of motor activity, a factor often overlooked in the planning of the Italian school. To achieve this goal, we developed a research project that can rigorously demonstrate a range of aspects that we believe interesting in school after training experiences in schools. In detail, we will present a course of socialization in classes at the beginning of primary school. To keep up-to-date with the everyday life, and after several researches in the area, we realized that a growing number of foreign students populate classes, so we decided to make a choice even though it may seem "uncomfortable" allowed us to expand our field of investigation to a reality that we can not escape. We worked in an area of "frontier", in fact, the project has been extended to the Institute located in the Municipality of Osimo. That presents a progressive increase in the number of foreign students, which accounted for 7.5% to 31/12/2009 of the resident population which consists of a total of 33000 inhabitants. Beyond the knowledge of the language of their adopted country, in the case of the Italian which is an essential prerequisite for an effective and successful school placement of foreign students, we give importance to recreational motor path in an effort to facilitate mutual understanding and social relationships in children of primary school. We also believe that the motor game, in our case, traditional and collaboration can respond to the need to be united to another, without creating an opposition between the players who are trying to achieve a common goal.




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