Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Assessment of physical activity level in office employees groups in Albania

DHURATA BOZO, Genti Pano, Robert Çitozi



Insufficient PA is very common in office employees and due to this they are at higher risk for metabolic, cardiovascular and many more other health related risk factor diseases. There is a lack of data regarding the PA level of office employees groups in Albania. Thus the aim of this paper was to identify the PA level in typical representative groups of this category. A total of 164 randomly selected office employees, out of which 97 (52 females and 45 males) from one mobile company and 67 (37 females and 30 males) from a bank, participated in this study. An Albanian modified and adapted version of the an International Physical Activity Questionnaire was used to assess some indicators dealing with all kinds of PA jobs, everyday life and leisure and time expenditure on PAs of different intensity. The weekly activity level was measured through time, frequency and intensity, expressed in MET*minute/week. The subjects were classified in 3 main PA categories: HIGH (1500-3000 MET*min), MODERATE (600-1300 MET*min) and LOW (<600 MET*min). The results show that both groups declared an average PA Level classified under the LOW category. The values of the mobile company group was around 950 MET*min with a difference between the genders of 280 MET*min (1070 in males and 790 in females); while the bank group revealed lower values, i.e. 890 MET*min as average and a difference of 220 MET*min between the two genders (980 in males against 760 of females). The differences between the two groups under investigation can be explained through various factors such as the general PA gender differences, type of sedentary work, type of different work position/role and working spaces. These results may be also a consequence of improper individual activity habits, low information and awareness of health benefits of PA and lack of proper promotion for a healthy and active lifestyle.




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