Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Moderate and vigorous physical activity in the 55+ teachers' daily routine

Judit Ekler, Katalin Nagyváradi, Beatrix Kiss-Geosits, Tamas Csányi



The health of teachers aged over 50 is endangered by several risk factors related to the age and today’s social conditions. We have researched the level of moderate and vigorous physical activity (MVPA), which is regarded as a health protective factor; and the relationship between physical activity and health status in the daily routine of senior teachers. Our sample consisted of 21 teachers, aged 52-65. The data, which shows their physical activity, was recorded, with the help of the Actigraph GT3X+ triaxial accelerometer and a log about their daily routine. The actual physical condition was assessed with the help of InBody720 body composition analyser and CardioVision 2000 oscillometric blood pressure monitor. For comparing the parameters of the activity level and health condition the Paired Samples T Test was applied; for finding correlations we used correlation analysis. We found that the values of men’s average energy usage and of MVPA are significantly higher than women’s ones. The values of the number of steps per minute are significantly lower in the case of 10 kilos of excess body weight. 81% of the researched sample reached the weekly minimum (150 minutes) via their weekly activities, which is considered to be a protective MVPA factor. Those ones who did less MVPA activities than this are regarded to belong to the endangered health category, as a tendency. The senior teachers reach the MVPA – that is regarded as the protective factor of health status – via activities, which are related to daily transport, housekeeping, education and sporting. With the minor exception of P.E. teachers, lifestyle changes are mostly suggested to those ones who have 10 kilos of excess body weight.




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