Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Physical activities in Czech sociological perspective.

Aleš Sekot



We are living a time when society, culture and science have become increasingly aware of the great importance of sport not only as a part of mass culture, but broadly understood, for individual and social health and well-being. Physical activity of people plays increasingly more important role in scientific interest regarding way of life of contemporary society and it is very important factor in the process of officiating of the level of healthy and active life style, quality of life and health in general. Indispensable role of physical activity in the course of human life is permanently scientifically confirmed also in context of prevention of obesity. The development of a sedentary life style is the result of a socialization process towards physical inactivity developed in youth and continued into adulthood. At the present we face in our cultural settings apparent tendency: People are more and more individualized, loosing beneficial impacts of community activities, involved in passive way of life lacking proper level of physical activities and active sport. Some preliminary data of the time of being in progress research of physical activity of Czech population are presented to describe specific relation of sport and sedentary society. The Czech Republic is on the level of mass sport strongly influenced with the existence of new development of the city structure, including fitness centres, cyclo paths, roller skates stadiums, beach volleyball playing fields, golf courses. General conclusions of the paper is concentrated on the questuin what Czech society expects from sport in given context of existing tendencies in mutual realtion of sport and society




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