Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Sports gymnastics as a part of curriculum of Sports Management university studies in the Czech Republic

Petr Hruša, Dagmar Hrušová



Current approaches to systemize gymnastics differ in understanding the content of this concept; however, the authors agree that gymnastics is an open system of human conscious motion activities that contribute to the physical, aesthetic and social development. In our study we focused on studies of sports management, as a young field of study that appeared at Czech universities in the past two decades. The aim was to analyze sports gymnastics as a subject with practical applications in the field of sports management, to find out sports gymnastics representation in this field at selected universities in the Czech Republic and to compare practical entrance exams and subjects of curricula with focus on sports gymnastics, by content analysis. We analysed and compared curricula of full-time bachelor’s studies of sports management, with regard to sports gymnastics, at the universities in the Czech Republic. We give results for two consecutive academic years (2009/10, 2010/11) regarding the number of students enrolled to the subjects of sports gymnastics within their curriculum, and their success rate for credit requirements in the given subjects. Gymnastic training is targeted to develop coordination and motor-functional preparedness. An approach based on health related physical fitness and optimal physical function requires an effective involvement of the deep stabilization system, which ensures strengthening and stabilization of spine. In gymnastics the body strengthening and stabilization is essential for proper technical execution of each exercise. Here we find a relationship between the function of motion system and gymnastic exercises, and we recommend them as a basis for other sports.




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