Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Young adults’ leisure -time habits in the University of Alicante

Katalin Nagyváradi, Katalin Bíróné Ilics, Beatrix Kiss-Geosits, Tibor Polgár



The issues of healthy lifestyle and workout are occurring more and more frequently nowadays. The topic has a great impact on everybody, since health, which we do not achieve by various therapies, medical interventions, but by health promotion, is fundamental to our life. Health behaviour and health value are culture-dependent factors so the systems of norms and values in a society greatly contribute to the formation of them. The health culture of a country is indicated by what kind of protective and predictive health behaviour attitudes the citizens have. These elements are reflected in our lifestyle which influences our health condition in a complex way. The most important aim of health promotion is changing our lifestyle for which we need individual pursuit, acts on social level, and above all, monitoring the health behavioural habits. The sample is made up of 65 students. Data was collected through questionnaires consisting of closed question, administered in person applying random sampling method. The collected data was processed by coding the questionnaires and questions, using mathematical statistical methods.




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