Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Performance analysis through the use of temporal activity patterns of elite players in beach tennis

José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, David Grau-Jordá, Diego Santos-Bailón



In order to identify the real components of beach tennis performance, we need to know the time structure of the competition. This study was designed to identify the distribution of time in real and absolute play during the matches, sets and points played by professional beach tennis players. To do so, we made video recordings of 12 players playing four matches at the Spain Beach Tennis Championships (Barcelona 2009). We measured the total length of the matches, sets, games and points while differentiating real playing time. We observed that the absolute time per match was 43min 2sec±15min 32sec, while real playing time was 8min 49,75sec±4min 51,16sec. The average length of the total duration of the sets was 15min 36,25sec±8min 21,9sec and real playing time was 4min 24,86sec±2min 26,41sec. The average length of the total duration of the games was 1min 42,6sec±1min 3,45sec and real playing time was 29,03sec±16,99sec. The average time taken to play a point was 4,56sec±2,99sec. An improved understanding of absolute and real playing time provides valuable information that allows us to create specific training patterns for beach tennis.





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