Estimation of maximum oxygen uptake by evaluating cooper 12-min run test in female students of West Bengal, India


  • Banibrata Das University of Calcutta, India



Cooper test, Indirect measurement of VO2 max, Indian females


The main purpose of the study is to assess and compare the fitness in terms of maximum aerobic capacity (VO2 max) by cooper 12 min run among the urban female students and rural female students of West Bengal. Thirty young female students from each of the urban as well as rural sectors (age range, 16 – 21 years) of West Bengal were recruited by simple random sampling. Indirect estimation of VO2 max was done with help of 12 min running (Cooper test) of each group of subjects. This study also try to find whether there is any correlation and coefficient between VO2 max and age, weight, stature of the female students of urban sector and rural sector. The rural female young students do have a statistical significantly higher value of predicted maximum aerobic capacity (VO2 max) than the urban female young students with a probability of P.


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