Changes to eating habits of young men after finishing a diving course


  • Jana Juříková



soldiers, diet, breakfast, lunch, dinner


At the Military Academy Vyškov in the Czech Republic there are diving courses arranged for soldiers. The courses take two months. The young men coming to the courses  have different eating habits that they have gained in the family and/or in the military crew. A diving training is very hard, both physically and mentally. Increased energy expenditure requires also an adequate energy dietary intake. It was investigated whether eating habits of soldiers have changed. The eating habits were investigated by anonymous questionnaire before opening a course and after finishing a course. Also anthropometric parameters were measured before opening and after finishing a course. It was measured: body weight, body height and body mass index that was calculated from the previous data. The physical activity of diving course participants in leisure time was identified too. The results demonstrated that the diet composition was radically changed for all investigated soldiers after finishing a diving course. The percentage of soldiers who eat for breakfast meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables has increased. At the same time the consumption of bakery products has decreased. For lunch the consumption of meat, fat foods, potatoes, cereals orders, fruit and vegetables has increased.  For dinner the consumption of meat products, fat foods, dairy products, potatoes, cereals orders, fruit and sweets has increased. After finishing a diving course the consumption of alcohol was slightly increased, participants of a diving course drank mainly beer. The diving training had no influence on smoking of cigarettes.


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