Paravaulting as a possibility of integration in the sport of people with disabilities


  • Jana Sklenaříková



Adapted physical activity, integration, sport, paravaulting, horse, handicap


Adapted physical activity, from an education perspective is entered process of integration especially in the education of people with special needs of all ages. The aim of this work is to analyze the issue of the integration of children and young people with disabilities in sport competition environment with a focus on public perceptions. Educational goal for children with disabilities is helping a harmonious development of their personality, how is it possible under the circumstances and this education of disabled is therefore targeted on effect on the child and the application of educational principles, rules and methods to the ability of a child with certain handicaps or disabilities can best develop. A child can live their life satisfaction and could become a full member of their society. In this study, the term integration in the educational context is understood as the union of attitudes, values ​​, behaviors and future activities of various kinds. It affects both interpersonal and group relations and identities of individuals and groups. The need arises in contact with each other two different phenomena, situations, attitudes or activities. These may take the form of stress, conflict, problems affecting the balance and harmony of relationships, confidence and satisfaction of the life course. Integration is one of the tools that help overcome such contradictions. Paravaulting is a special rehabilitation method that focuses on gymnastics on horseback and is recommended for people with disabilities. This is a method that result can in most cases to a significant development of motor skills. Paravaulting like every sport has its specific classification, in which athletes are classified according to their degree of disability into categories. They are assigned a status so as to provide them with comparable starting point for training and competition and thus ensure "fair play". To ensure proper classification this allows athletes to compete on a level comparable despite the diversity of disability. In addition to the competitors with the medical classification is also involved in sporting activities beginning athletes and athletes without handicap. We found that proper classification is important factor of ensuring the objectivity in the competition. Paravaulting gives the opportunity for children with disabilities, who are just starting with sports or play sports recreationally, to meet the great contest with their sports designs and in the process of integration compete in the category "dance and barrel", including special sports program for joint activities children and youth with handicap or without handicap.


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Sklenaříková, J. (2014). Paravaulting as a possibility of integration in the sport of people with disabilities. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S369-S375.