Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Personality characteristics and its effect on performance in the race BMX

Viktor Pacholík, Jan Mach, Romana Labounková



The aim of this study was to describe personality characteristics of top athletes – 10 elite bicross (BMX) racers (18+ years), both men and women. For our research we used SPARO test – monitoring of basal psychical autoregulation of personality, which was evaluated with t-test. Particular segments were compared with population and with top athletes of different sports. BMX racers had significantly higher (p < 0.05) intensity of autostimulation, airiness (-5.92±2.54), searching for emotional experiences (3.4 ±2.35) and higher willingness to risk (6,54±2,37). Simultaneously it confirmed higher anxiety (3.35±3,2.1),  need of independence (3,73±2.00) and dominant need of experiential attitude (-2,55±2,38). Results show characteristics of BMX racers, which correspond with characteristic of this cycling discipline, and also show personality attributes which are important for success in this sport.


psychology, bicross, personality characteristic


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