Physical activity as a determinant of diseases, back and joint pains in adult Czech population


  • Josef Michalek
  • Martin Sebera
  • Jaromir Sedlacek



movement activity - inactivity, adult population, smoking, alcoholic consumption, back and joint pains


In this contribution it was shown that the Czech adult population has a relationship between selected kinds of individual physical activity and civilization diseases (smoking and alcohol consumption), back and join pains. In this research is involved 5862 adult (over 18 years of age) Czech people of both sexes. Watched parameters were gained by questionnaire (totally 19 questions) from which we are discussing an influence of sport practising (yes or not), character of the work (physical, physical and sedentary, sedentary or do not work) and kind of transportation to work (walking, biking, public transport, car  or does not travel) on smoking, alcohol consumption, back and joints pains. Results demonstrated that over 72% of Czech adult population do not practise any sport. There were found only slight differences between watched parameters (smoking, alcohol consumption, back and joints pains) and those who are physically active or inactive. Back pains have over 70% of people, more often those not sporting. Join pains have about 55% and there are not any significant differences among groups. Very negative effects would be expected because of alcohol consumption – over 80% answered ‘yes I take alcoholic drinks’; more positive seems to be parameter smoking, about 22% of the sports group were practising smokers, while among non sporting it was about 32%. The parameter ‘character of the work’ does not show great differences; those who work physically smoke the least, those who do not work drink alcohol less like others. Also parameter transportation to work does not show any great differences; only those who use bike have significantly lower joints pains. Presented results are part of The project "Creating a research team for the purpose of determining the level of physical activity (inactivity) in selected age groups of the population of men and women in the Czech Republic" (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0044) is financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.


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Michalek, J., Sebera, M., & Sedlacek, J. (2014). Physical activity as a determinant of diseases, back and joint pains in adult Czech population. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S429-S435.

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