Selected characteristics of gait in women of different ages


  • Jan Došla
  • Dušan Hupka
  • Radek Musil



gait, pedar, force, body mass index, active part of stance, passive part of stance


In our research we have attempted to find out and compare force and time characteristics of gait in women. We measured and compare women in two age groups - 18-30 (group 1) a 46-60 (group 2). The average height of both groups was same, 167 cm, while the average weight and average body mass index were different (group 1 - weight 62 kg, BMI 22,3, group 2 - weight 68 kg, BMI 24,6). For measuring, pressure shoe insoles were used (Pedar Mobile, Novel Munich, 99 sensors,100 Hz). Each person had three attempts: two trial attempts, the third one was measured. For observation, we selected three stances of each leg, always between the third and eighth stride. We measured force characteristics F1, F2, F3 and time characteristics t, t1, t2, t3. Significant differences between both groups were found in t3 on the left leg (time between peak force in active part of stance and peak force in passive part of stance). With applied force (F1, F2, F3) during stance, after recalculating per a kilogram of weight, no statistically significant differences were found.


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Došla, J., Hupka, D., & Musil, R. (2014). Selected characteristics of gait in women of different ages. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S538-S545.