Specifics of teaching physical education with focus on burden on PE teachers


  • Zuzana Tulisová




PE teacher, burden, approach of teaching, physic stress, psychological stress


The research, which this post is based on, is focused on examining of the specific of the physical education teachers. The aim of this paper is to present partial results of quantitative research focused on factors complaining the physical education teachers´ work of. The factors were examined in several areas - occupational health conditions, physical stress, psychological stress, and the school team. The questionnaire was assembled on the basis of the search by Voltmann-Hummes (2008), who examined the burden of PE teachers and their ability to overcome it. The basis of database of PE teachers was the list of basic schools in the Czech Republic. From each region, casually 15 schools were chosen; it means 210 schools in total. The research was attended by 136 teachers, thereof 72 women and 64 men. Ages ranged between 24 and 66 years, the system ensured anonymity. Based on the evaluation of data, it was found out that the greatest burden for a teacher of physical education is pupils themselves, specifically their lack of motivation to do some exercises. The problem was the reluctance of students to move and non-practicing pupils who disrupt the course of a lesson. These results confirm other authors (e.g., Wong and Louie, 2002, Woods, 2008). Other stressful factors were found to be less important and are a bit average rating. The data were compared to the data of the author of the original questionnaire, interpreted and discussed with regard to the realities in Czech schools. The obtained data were also compared with the results of the research authors who dealt with the stress in various areas as Kemeny (1998), König (2004), Rohnstock (2000) and the others.


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