The analysis of individual tactics in the women's water polo


  • Salvatore Napolitano
  • Daniela Tursi



videoanalysis, water polo tactis, performance


In water polo lacks a codified methodology for tactics training, which is thus only left to coach’s discretion. The aim of this study is to create a methodology that is to fill such vacancy. Aim of the work is to verify the efficacy of different attack patterns, in order  to create a codified methodology for teaching water polo through tactics. The data, collected via video-analysis, were analyzed trough which  returned basic descriptive statistics and the correlation coefficient of each pattern with events outcomes. The research approach is integrated and consists of 3 distinct methods: case study (9 matches of the Italian Serie A1 Women's Championship, for the analysis of matches, action research method for coach contribution, and theoretical-argumentative method to deduce a theoretical framework in which define the data processing. The data, collected via Dartfish TeamPro, for each athlete were established 4 patterns, we have provided quantitative data, we also have processed data from the analysis (qualitative) of the video. An evaluation table was constructed by combining, for each single event, the Boolean evaluation of the coach on the compliance of patterns with the event final outcome. Then were processed, Confrontations of pattern design with Dartfish screenshot of pattern implemented during game; Basic descriptive statistics. Linear regression scatter plot for single patterns; The survey of data is entrusted to performance analysis, carried out with the help of a water polo coach, a statistician and a performance analyst. The assessment of compliance for the tactical patterns is entrusted to the coach, on the basis of the video analysis-aided confrontation, of  4 patterns previously  identified for each athlete in the relative phases of the game against  pattern effectively implemented during match. A total of 186 Plate were analyzed, about 20 Plate every athlete The results showed a general efficacy of tactical patterns, but showed significant differences within correlation coefficients of single patterns. A more consistent data base is needed, in order to establish direct, evident and general relationship between so calculated coefficient and pattern efficacy, and the research team is conscious of internal validity of this kind of qualitative analysis, which can’t extend, without adjustments, to other teams. Although, analysis results represents a tool for the coach, in order to better train team in next season, which were an aim of action research, and showed a general trend on tactical pattern efficacy, which will be deeply investigated in future works.


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Napolitano, S., & Tursi, D. (2014). The analysis of individual tactics in the women’s water polo. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S576-S583.

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