The development of students’ information potential on the base of video project creation


  • Ekaterina Dytko
  • Natalia Ershova



information sources, motivation, language learning


The problem of the development of information potential in sports higher educational establishments is a widely-discussed one. Scientific ideas concerned with foreign languages, must be specially fixed, transformed and spread. This principle is observed when dealing with video projects. A video-based project is defined by scholars as a means of the elimination of language obstacles, a strong motivating factor in language learning and a powerful resource of information potential development. The measurements of students’ motivation level before the project have shown a low interest rate to learning the English language while after the project the students’ use of speech patterns within the compiled material has increased. The video project was presented at the 16th Festival of sports higher educational establishments in nomination “Lingua” (Smolensk, 2013) and awarded the first place in the nomination. Being a combination of audio and visual information, a film is a multi-means helping to motivate students to search for the most adequate ways of getting new knowledge extracting it from video episodes and using it to understand all possible aspects of culture and education. This brings the information potential of an individual to a higher scale which he used to have before taking part in a video project.


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Dytko, E., & Ershova, N. (2014). The development of students’ information potential on the base of video project creation. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 9(1proc), S232-S235.