A Deleuzo-Guattarian ‘schizoanalysis’ of the Smart Moves: Physical Activity Program in Queensland State Schools


  • Jorge D. Knijnik University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Peter Horton James Cook University, Australia
  • Brad Clarke James Cook University, Australia




Deleuzo-Guattarian ‘Schizoanalysis’, Queensland, Smart moves, Health and physical education, Australian education


An active lifestyle is a vital component of any successful preventative health strategy. Physical activity in Queensland (QLD) State schools is traditionally territorialized in the Key Learning Area (KLA) of Health and Physical Education (HPE) and school sport. The introduction of Smart Moves in QLD State schools is recognised as an ecological approach to obesity prevention that aspires to increase students’ physical activity levels. This study examines the ways in which Smart Moves aims to de-territorialize health promotion and regular physical activity from its traditional settings and distributes it across broadened aspects of the curriculum in QLD State schools. Deleuzo-Guattarian post-disciplinary social theory provides a methodological lens for this document-based project. Smart Moves policy and implementation guidelines are analysed as essential components of the Smart Moves assemblage to illuminate its affective potential to increase the quality and quantity of physical activity in curriculum time. It is argued that Smart Moves opens avenues for physical activity to be deterritorialized from existing forms in HPE and school sport. However, lax school and teacher accountability controls do not ensure holistic implementation of Smart Moves. Thus, it is inferred that the lack of stringent implementation and accountability controls may limit Smart Moves affective capacity to connect with the school administrators, teachers, and ultimately students who stand to benefit significantly from the initiative.


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