Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Analysis of the offensive teamwork intensity in elite female basketball

Boris Bazanov, Inderek Rannama



The aim of this study was to determine the offensive teamwork intensity at a high level of women’s basketball performance. Under observation for this research were quarter finalists of the European Women´s Basketball Championship held in 2011. The data were gathered from 951 ball possessions of 7 recorded games. Our earlier research (Bazanov, B et al. 2005) has helped to work out the basics of the analytical system of the teamwork aspect. The analyzing system of the competitive activity of the game, which we have worked out, enables to determine the structure and intensity of the teamwork, and to find interesting models of game activity from the data. The results of this research showed that the average teamwork intensity index among quarter finalists of the European Women´s Basketball Championship in 2011 was 0,72 (SD+/- 0,24). Based on the results of working through the statistical data (T-test, F-test), it was found that the teamwork intensity index of successful offenses (0,76) was statistically significantly  different (p<0,01)  from non successful (0,68).


Offensive team activity; Successful and non-successful possessions; Time of possession


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