Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

A field research: evaluation of efficiency of P.E. lessons

Brigita Stloukalová, Tomáš Roztočil, Dana Fialová, Zdeněk Chlup



We focused on the efficiency evaluation of some forms of exercise used often for the loading and growth of physical load in the P.E. lessons. The aim of our research was to create and realise exemplary P.E. lessons oriented to fitness development and to measure data (lesson timing, heart rating). The short relays and indoor parcourse were selected forms of exercise. The observing was an initial method. We measured physiological time (tf), pedagogical time (tp) and fault time (tz). The physical load was assessed through a heart rate. Two pupils in every PE lessons were measured. During evaluation of the PE lesson efficiency we watched a) total physiological time in the lessons; b) total time of loading in the middle and higher intensity zone. The measured heart rating characterising middle and higher intensity zones and the total time of the activity in these zones showed both of used forms filled demands on the PE lessons; the parcourse are physiologically more effective than the short relays.


health-oriented efficiency, health-oriented PE, physical load, fitness, indoor parcourse, short relays


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