Learner-centred teaching methods in PE. Processing athletics teaching material in project method


  • Judit H Ekler University of West Hungary, Department of Sport Science, Szombathely, Hungary




method experience, differentiation, happy experiences


We would like to present the methodological experience involves the participation of 11 teachers with their 20 classes of different grades each, within a period of 4-6 weeks. Processing the athletics teaching material was performed by adopting the project method and clustering around two project titles: ’Peasant Olympics’ (9 projects), and ‘Approaching Athletics’ (11 projects). Contents outside the PE class and school environment were in the limelight. Differentiating was main focal point, just like individual activity and volunteering. Pupils performed tasks on their own, in group and on class level. The students’ vitality increased in the field of motion and other activities. Because other subjects and fields of activity were involved in the framework of a PE lessons, students who had never been proactive, in this process have become so. In many fields of activity – of course in motion activities as well– differentiation became obvious. Therefore, the various activities in the project provided for many students chances of success, perhaps more than in a usual routine. The individual work, the cooperative solutions between students and external relationship-building was a characteristic of the process. Isolation of school classes was solved by project activity. Connecting different fields of science can raise understanding, the awareness, thus connecting sciences to real life. In this synthesis many teachers of other majors helpfully supported the PE teacher. It was hard for the teachers on the other hand, to get used to the helpful, supportive role demanded by the project-method, instead of the common ‘boss role’ which was usual.


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Ekler, J. H. (2021). Learner-centred teaching methods in PE. Processing athletics teaching material in project method. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 10(1proc), S236-S246. https://doi.org/10.14198/jhse.2015.10.Proc1.11