Longitudinal monitoring of performance in cross-country running by young orienteering runners


  • Ivan Ruzicka Department of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Kralove, Czechia




longitudinal monitoring, orienteering, motor testing, measurement, cross-country running, talented youth


The aim of this paper focused on the one of platform of the system for regular work with talented children and youth on the field of the orienteering. The article brings partial results of longitudinal testing talented youth of East Bohemian region of the Czech Republic in orienteering. 10 – 14-year orienteering talented runners took part in testing motor skills standardized tests. The text approaches the methodology and presents the selected results of the measurement – the performance in cross-country running test at 3 km and 5 km depending on age category as one of the many tests that young athletes participating always at the beginning of the season. Results of the research show a significant difference among selected athletes and indicate tendencies performance in cross-country running of youth orienteering runners in the region. The conclusions highlight the long-decreasing level of endurance abilities of young orienteering contestants between 1997 and 2014, describes the possible reasons and suggestions remedial options.


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Ruzicka, I. (2021). Longitudinal monitoring of performance in cross-country running by young orienteering runners. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 10(1proc), S269-S278. https://doi.org/10.14198/jhse.2015.10.Proc1.14