Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Physical activities of boys and girls at primary schools in Central Slovakia

Stefan Adamcak, Pavol Bartik, Boris Cipov, Jiri Michal



Our survey deals with the major issues affecting young people, which is the active leisure. We explore the most risky age – boys and girls attending primary school at age 13 to 15 years. By using questionnaire we detect and analyze differences of opinion on the use of physical activities in the leisure time among 808 boys and 797 girls. We found that there are significant differences between boys and girls only in the use of the leisure time pool. From our perspective, the most alarming fact is that 63.5% of all respondents (58.7% boys and 68.2% girls) in this age devoted to physical activity in leisure time up to 2 hours per week, what represents only 5% of leisure time pool per week! This confirms the tendency of reducing young people's interest in movement, which may with the combination with puberty lead to serious health disorders or the orientation to unwanted sociopathic phenomena.


leisure time, pupils of primary school, physical activities


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