Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Swimming as a part of early childhood education in Czech Republic

Brigita Stloukalová, Tomáš Roztočil



There has been the swimming education a compulsory part of PE since 1970´ in Czech Republic. Originally the swimming education related only to elementary schools but during the last twenty years the system of the swimming education turns to kindergartens. Today the swimming education is an obligatory part of school curriculum, not compulsory one. Swimming is a favourite movement activity in Czech Republic and in general, swimming is also considered beneficial to the physical, psychical and social development of children. This fact implies that there is a great parents´ interest in the swimming education of even the youngest children. Twenty years ago Swimming Schools was founded. They specialize in providing of the swimming education for the schools and they offer place, methodic and personal matters. In years 2006 - 2012 we carried out a research in kindergartens in several regions focused on interests of kindergartens in the offer. Our goal was to find optimal conditions - material, personal and financial - for the swimming education of preschool children. Now the research has continued, it focused on the used methods and our final aim is to create an ideal concept of swimming education for kindergartens.


swimming education, swimming schools, conditions for swimming education, Czech Republic


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