Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Comparison in some kinematic variables of layup basketball of older and young players

Sura Jamil Hanna, Saad Alla Abass



Basketball is a game that requires being fast in either attack and defense with a precision in tactical and technical preparation. Recently in many countries in the world basketball is the second most popular game with its vision attracting techniques. The Research problem was determination of the effect of layup techniques on the score of the basketball games of university players in Mosul, this require proper training methods in which players can practice the best techniques based on the outcomes of analyses. The population of this study was undergraduate male basketball players of the University of Mosul -Iraq, for the academic year 2012-2013, each sample included (6) male basketball players; young players=(176.7 cm tall), (18,3 years age) older player =(179.6 cm tall), (23,3 years age). The older players were better in all tested variables (horzontal and vertical distance, Hips Displacement for jumping, Height of palm, distance of take-off from basket ball).


basketball, performance analysis, techniques


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