Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Effect of squash training program on health related physical fitness variables of male college students

Mohammed Hamdan Hashem Mohammed



Squash is classified as a high dynamic exercise. Physical fitness is a measure of all functions and structures which make physical exercise possible. Health related fitness is a subset of physical fitness related to health. This study was to find out the effect of eight weeks of squash training program on heath related Physical fitness variables of male college students. A group of 141 male college students aged between 20-24 years (m=21.76± 2.12) of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia participated in this study. The duration of squash training program was 45 minutes, twice a week, for 8 weeks. The following variables were measured before and after training program: Age, height, weight, body mass index, sit-ups, standing long jump, sit and reach, and 550m run. Paired t-test was used to compare before training measures with after training measures. Pre and post-test comparisons exhibited significant improvement in sit-up (20 ± 4 vs. 23 ± 5; p < 0.001), 15.8%;  sit & reach (27.74 ± 7.57 vs.30.01 ± 7.01 cm; p < 0.001), 8.1%; standing long jump (119.87 ± 75.54 vs. 129.35 ± 80.35 cm; p < 0.001), 9.7%; and 550m run (2.54 ± 1.22 vs. 2.41 ± 0.87 min; p = 0.048), 5.1%. However, there was no change (p > 0.05) in all physical characteristics variables. Squash program had a significant improvement performance on health related physical Fitness variables (sit-ups, stand long jump, sit & reach) of male college students of KFUPM.


university students, squash, health-related fitness


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