Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Measuring of sport specific skills of football players

Miklós Koltai, Dietmar Wallner, Ádám Gusztafik, Zoltán Sáfár, Henriette Dancs, Helmut Simi, Marcel Hagenauer, Anna Maria Buchgraber



The Institute of Sport Science at the University of West-Hungary, and the FH-Joanneum – together with students majoring in sport science – started a collaborative international research aimed at assessing the sport-specific skills of football players. The study closely monitored football players – from leagues at different levels – in terms of choice reaction time, short and long pass skills and agility skills with and without a ball. The most modern device available, the SmartSpeed – a photoelectric stopwatch system – was used for the measurements. The data obtained by the applied internationally standardized tests can be compared in terms of players from leagues at different levels. The study occurred using correlation analysis (p<0.05), and we used linear regression to compare laterality. The hypothesis that teams playing in higher league are significantly more successful in terms of the evaluated technical parameters has not been verified in all cases. There are interesting results regarding the differences between moving to the opposite side with and without ball. The results of the Hungarian team (N=97 players) can be compared to those of the Austrian and international players.


football, short pass test, lobbed ball test, zig zag dribbling test, SmartSpeed


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