Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Postural and balance evaluation in 18-30 years old albaniana β-thalassemia patients

Genti Pano, Robert Çina, Genti Murataj, Aljona Kristuli, Dea Rusi



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are at least 70 million thalassemia carriers in the world and in each year 42,000 homozygote children are born. The bone abnormalities such as rickets, spinal deformities, severe osteoporosis, and pathological fractures are important morbidity causes (Rodda CP et al., 1995). Patients with well treated transfusion-dependent thalassemia are generally shorter, have reduced truncal height (Fung EB et al., 2010), and healthy body weight (Vichinsky EP., 1998) compared to the general population. The main objective of this study was to evaluate postural and balance problems in beta thalassemia patients. 28 subjects (7 males 21 females) 18-30 years old from 3 different epidemiologic cities in Albania have participated in this study. Postural screening, which included digital photography in 4 plans (anterior view, right lateral view, posterior view, left lateral view) and postural evaluation with Posture Screen Mobile program were done. Subjects also performed balance tests on the Leonardo Mechanography Platform in 4 different position; BT (Balance Test) 1. (Rom EO); 1a (Rom EC); 2. (SemTanEO); 2a (SemTanEC); 3. (TanEO); 3a (TanEC). Pearson Correlation was used to asses’ associations between head lateral translations and angulations. Based on the results we can say that in beta thalassemia patients the postural problems are a major health related problem. More studies focused on this category are necessary in order to evaluate the most effective PA program. As a very specific group population it is recommended that the postural evaluation need to be part of their health routine check-up in order to prevent degenerative major postural deviations.




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