Physiotherapy´s protocol to approach the insertional achilles tendinopathy


  • Elisa Benito Care Fisioterapia, Spain



Achilles thendinopathy, Physical therapy’s treatment, Electrical stimulation


Background: The Achilles tendinopathy affects to great number of sport people as many elite ones as amateur. Besides, the incidence of this injuries type has increased in an unconscionable way within the last decade caused principally by the impact of amateur sports over the society. It´s common among athletes who play racket sports, athletic, volleyball and football, being one of the most frequently injuried tendons in human beings bodies in spite its strength. This aim of this paper is to present a list of several Haglund disease cases that have been treated by conservative treatment, evaluating the results after 10 sessions by VISA-A scale that evaluates pain, function and sports activity in people suffering of Achilles tendinopathy. Methodology: The study use the clinical´s histories from 5 cases conducted on 5 patients in Spain during 2010 to 2015. The 5 cases were selected from a total of 42 conservative treatment cases done over Achilles tendon. The physiotherapy protocol has been used in all cases consisted in 10 sessions where a combination of several physiotherapy techniques. The patients were evaluated before the first treatment session and after the last one by the VISA-A scale and EVA. Result: After 10 sessions of treatment, the results of the VISA_A show an improvement of 25 % and in case of the EVA scale the pain improvement in 5 points.


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