11th World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport, 16-18 November 2016 (Alicante, Spain)


  • 11th World Congress of Performance Analy 16-18 November 2016, Alicante, Spain International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport, Spain






11th World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport, 16-18 November 2016. International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport. Alicante, Spain


  1. The problem of increasing densities of top level performances: Gould´s Hypothesis

  2. From reaction to anticipation in sport

  3. Effects of different small-sided games training sessions on physical performance and skill qualities in rugby union players

  4. Behind closed doors: The delivery of performance analysis in a professional New Zealand rugby club

  5. Developing a strategy based on game style clustering: A netball case study

  6. Does changes to the scoring system change the game dynamics in South African university rugby?

  7. Influence of situational variables in gaining possession of the ball in advanced zones of the pitch in soccer

  8. Evaluation of the new vanishing spray in soccer

  9. Determining stable and unstable game states to aid the identification of perturbations in football

  10. Road to the finals: Fixture congestion impacts on successful performance in NBA: A study case of 2014/2015 finals

  11. Influence of pitch zone and game result in the 7vs7 game area dimensión in Spanish professional football: Extrapolating from match analysis to SSGs design

  12. Quantifying movement demands in elite female beach volleyball: A positional analysis

  13. Situational ruck analysis and its effects on momentum and success in International Men's and Womens Sevens

  14. Characterization type of goal achieved in final stages of futsal championship

  15. Portance of type of goal to determine success in futsal

  16. Tactical strategy on landing areas and shots oucomes by malaysia top players in international squash competitions

  17. Increasing scoring certainty in soccer: Evidence from playing skills-related differences

  18. Water polo shooting speed by playing positions and field zones: Hungary vs Spain at the 15th FINA World Championships

  19. The variation in use and integration of PA between team and individual sports in an Irish context

  20. A case study of individual possession and team attacking statistics in elite hurling

  21. Elite water polo shot types and teams efficacy: Hungary vs Spain at 15th FINA World Championships

  22. A framework for network analysis in team sports

  23. World League Volleyball 2015: Counter-attack is a discriminant analysis factor

  24. Influence of plyometric training in lineal speed and the jump in female soccer players

  25. Required shooting efficiency to win World Cup and World Championship Biathlon races during the 2015-2016 season

  26. Body fat versus body mass index as correlates healthy aerobic fitness control body weight program among the soccer players

  27. The action of the middle blocker according to the opposing offensive organization in volleyball

  28. The effects of the 2015 long corner rule change on match variables and patterns of play in elite men’s field hockey

  29. The efficacy of FIFA and UEFA national team rankings

  30. The structure of the factors determining high efficiency of archery

  31. The specifics of peripheral circulation of trail runners of the senior age groups

  32. Medal-winning enhancements of performance

  33. Future anxiety and personality traits and among practicing and non-practicing students of sports activities

  34. The competitive behavior and its relationship to the kinetic satisfaction for volleyball players

  35. Parameters, which define archers' preparedness for competitive struggle

  36. Specifics of changes in biochemical composition of blood among trail runners of the senior age groups during training in the conditions of middle altitude

  37. Analysis sports performance using genetic analysis-inspired methods

  38. Halftime duration in German professional football

  39. Investigation of static and dynamic balance performance of 10-12 years old girls who doing and dont sport regularly

  40. Network analysis of passes in international netball

  41. Domestic and international netball performance analysis: A comparative reflection

  42. Participation in other sports during the stages of development of young soccer players

  43. Defending corner kicks in the English Premier League: Near post guard set-ups

  44. Scale to evaluate the technical- tactical offensive performance of men's junior volleyball

  45. Continuous selection at youth International age groups does not influence success at senior UEFA European Football Championships

  46. Anger as a predictor of sport performance level

  47. Classification of javelin throwers using the sport results and Kohonen's maps

  48. Reasons of maintenance in sport performance

  49. Bench press results prediction by means of ANN and regression models

  50. Critical moment and tactical-strategical implications related with goalkeeper as an outfield-player from the futsal coach's point of view

  51. The defensive retreat in team handball: Analysis of the Men's European Championship 2014

  52. Acute effect of energy drinks on anaerobic power: A meta-analysis

  53. Study VO2max of the Ecuadorian population

  54. Gaze behaviour that gives a badminton player an edge over its opponent

  55. "Live high, train low" changes in Oxygen consumption in athletes from individual sports: A Meta – analysis

  56. Qualitative movement analysis aimed at technique correction in athletics: A case study

  57. Analysis of the formation of motor imagery which accompanies the acquisition of technique by beginners using the vaulting box

  58. Descriptive study: Analysis of different game variables in tennis games during a national tournament in Costa Rica for young players (U-14, U-16 and U-18 males and females)

  59. A review of spatio-temporal metrics in invasion game sports

  60. 4.65 and 4.55 m: Midpoint mark for approach run phase to eight steps hurdlers

  61. Analysis of point-by-point performance in tennis: An example of Novak Djokovic

  62. Footwork on jump shots in basketball

  63. Exploring the attacking strategies and the skill combinations among different weight divisions in womens Taekwondo competitions

  64. Analysis of shots performed during water polo matches at the 2016 Olympic Games

  65. Detection of behavioral patterns in taekwondo

  66. Automatic tracking of swimming performance variables: Analysis of its validity in 50m events

  67. The variability of entropy in rugby exercises under different levels of specificity

  68. Performance indicators that discriminate winning and losing in elite Men's and Women's Rugby Union

  69. An exploratory study of attack variability, attack efficiency and conversion rate in elite rugby union

  70. The relationship between perceived motivational climate and satisfaction with personal treatment among young soccer players: The moderating role of coaches' supporting behaviour

  71. The use of Social Network Analysis for the Evaluation of Team Ball Sports Performance: A review

  72. Exploring the relationship between offensive and defensive indicators in basketball using canonical correlation analysis

  73. Analysis of contextual and technical-tactical variables of penalty shots in the Spanish 2nd B Division

  74. Discriminatory power of women handball game-related statistics at the Olympic Games

  75. Handball game-related statistics in Olympic Games: Discriminatory power in males

  76. Anxiety measurement in young tennis paddle player in different phases of the match and biofeedback training implementation

  77. Individual player profiling based on the playing style philosophy of a high performance soccer academy: An applied perspective

  78. How can virtual reality technology help us understand performance in sport?

  79. Energy expenditure and it relationship with electrocardiography and Echocardiography determinants in adolescents soccer players in altitude

  80. Physiological demands of basketball referees according to the gender and role played during competition

  81. Laterality at racket sports

  82. Analysis of the effectiveness of the use of instep weights (powerinstep) in runners

  83. Physical and technical activity of soccer players in relation to playing position in the Spanish First League

  84. Analysis of the new 3x3 competition in basketball

  85. Influence of the opposition in smash velocity in padel players

  86. Profiling half-back play in rugby union and the impact of substitutions

  87. Transition to attack in elite soccer

  88. The impact of ‘clean’ possession continuity in elite hurling

  89. Millfield School: Developing the next performance analyst?

  90. Concordance between direct and indirect O2max in U20 soccer players

  91. A developmental study to investigate an individual rating system for elite Gaelic football

  92. Designing curriculum development for Performance Analysis at postgraduate level

  93. The analysis of official data for soccer World Cup 2002-2014

  94. Performance Analysis based on the ratio of overseas' players in Soccer World Cups

  95. Establishing individual normative profiles in rugby

  96. Evolution in a basketball team sub-15 from pedagogical variable, external load variable and organization variable

  97. The use of performance analysis and feedback within the elite Olympic/Paralympic Sports Environment

  98. Identifying position-specific performance indicators in professional rugby league

  99. Analysis of the performance of transgender athletes

  100. Squat jump and jumping push-up performance of trained swimmers immediately before and after resistance exercise

  101. Influence of the plyometric training in the performance of the handball elite players

  102. Effect of the size of the wheel in performance in mountain bike

  103. Pacing strategy and competitive performance of elite female 400-m freestyle swimmers

  104. Functional eccentric fitness exercises and muscle architecture: Preliminary study

  105. High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) and adolescents: Changes V02max and body composition

  106. Shot types played by the World No. 1 squash player progressing through 4 matches to the final of the British Grand Prix 2011

  107. Relationships between 200m sprint and repeated sprint parameters of young soccer players

  108. Analytical study of the corners of the body during various repel some balls for goalkeepers handball “as a basis for the development of quality exercises”

  109. Functional training is effective in improving archery sport performance

  110. 2015 Badminton World Championship: Men vs. women behaviours

  111. The Effect of Six-Weeks Programmed Relative Strength Training on Wrestling Athletes

  112. Performance indicators as a resource for the selection of talented football players

  113. Muscular activation in elite dancers of sportdance according to the genre

  114. The use of timeouts in volleyball, depending on the team score

  115. How does it affect the setter intervention to the block participation in high level male volleyball?

  116. Analysis of surface swimming technique among elite sprinter finswimmers

  117. The relationship between physiological and mechanical load indicators and offensive team efficiency in junior male basketball

  118. Effects of using GPAI on procedural knowledge in volleyball players

  119. The performance success within the competitive equestrian field: A novice and intermediate rider focused investigation

  120. Difference of the speed of handball throwing during the competition in relation to efficiency: Analysis between the first and the second half

  121. Analysis of the throwing speed in the different positions in the field during the competition


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