Spring Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Week


  • Costa Blanca Sports Science Week. 26-28 April 2018. Calpe. Alicante, Spain




CBSSW, ISPAS, Sport, Olimpism, Performance, Physical education, Sport medicine, Nutrition, Health, Biomechanics, Children and exercise


Spring Conferences of Sports Science. Costa Blanca Sports Science Week, 26-28 April 2018. Calpe. Alicante, Spain

  1. Wheelchair and its stimuluses on upper body musculature: Case students Ectomorph
  2. Analysis of the factor structure of the physical condition of girls 17-19 year-old
  3. Sport participation, spontaneous physical activity and sleep in 11-13 years old children
  4. Correlates of physical activity in the sensory impaired: A narrative review
  5. Lower limbs power, anthropometrie and musculoskeletal state of junior level sport games players
  6. Tests of physical condition for computer students
  7. Interplay among physical characteristics position of play and shooting accuracy of elite female basketball players
  8. Comparative analysis of the jumping capacity in school population in relation to the gender
  9. Changes in the perception of motivational climate in primary school students after the application of an intervention based on alternative sports
  10. Relation between obesity and vertical jump capacity in adolescents
  11. Analysis of distance covered according to the player´s role when they are serving in padel
  12. Analysis of distance covered and number of pointd played in padel competition
  13. Match performance analysis of collegiate basketball teams in Nigeria
  14. An educational behaviour lifestyle-based program to prevent risk factors of type 2 diabetes in older adults
  15. Autonomous physical activity based program versus aerobic exercise based interventions to improve health and cardiovascular status in sedentary overweight adults: A review
  16. Physical education teacher training core curriculum in Italy
  17. The level of adipokines in the blood in women with metabolic syndrome as a result of whole body cryotherapy
  18. Prospective cohort study of the characteristics of the practice of physical-sports activity (PSA) in adults
  19. Social use of internet in adolescents: Relationship with cyberbullying and levels of physical activity
  20. The relationship between dynamic stability and functional movement performance ability in team sport and martial arts young male athletes
  21. Bioelectric activity of the brain and the predictive importance of effects of neurobiofeedback course at athletes
  22. Sport practice and exercise in University: Do students really participate?
  23. Effects of a program of vigorous-to-intense physical activity in triglycerides and glucose in 3-to 16-year-old schoolchildren
  24. Design and validation of a psychomotor profile evaluation scale in early childhood education
  25. Canoe polo player profile
  26. Serve performance analysis of men´s professional tennis
  27. An investigation of drug abuse in sport performance
  28. Effects of a 12-week-long program of vigorous-intensity physical activity on the body composition of 6-and 7-year-old children
  29. Anthroprometrics characteristics and jumping ability in basketball
  30. Correlation of anthropometrics characteristics and jumping ability in volleyball
  31. Physical and sports sciences between european research council and academic disciplines in Italy
  32. Pedagogical health attitudes and practices in gymnastics coaches
  33. Leadership in sport: Study with futsal coaches in "under 17" and senior levels
  34. Reaction of vegetative nervous system to loads in female long-distance runners with different fitness level
  35. Comparative analysis of myocardium repolarization abnormalities in female biathlon athletes with different fitness levels
  36. Perfectionism and engagement for practice of physical activity in Spanish adolescents
  37. Level of motivation and physical activity in primary education students
  38. Differences between students according to physical activity and their motivation, basic psychological needs and responsibility
  39. Men's triathlon correlation between the phases and result in the Olympic Games in London 2012
  40. Coach´s verbal behaviour in competition and his psychological variables
  41. Effectiveness indices evaluating time in physical education, example in Motors Games
  42. Relational research of sport practice and use of videogames depending on gender in schoolchildren from Granada
  43. Motivation to exercise and physical fitness in old people participating in a hydro-gymnastics program
  44. The photographic representation of sports in the press. Case studies of the winning photographs in the World Press Photo competition in 2017
  45. Emotional Intelligence in university teachers of Physical Education
  46. Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 2: Cardiorespiratory response and performance in professional soccer players, comparison between under 20 and over 20 years old players
  47. Parental involvement in children's sport´s participation in football
  48. Concordance between direct and indirect VO2max in under 20 soccer players
  49. Capoeira: A study about Brazilian sport
  50. Offensive performance in soccer through lag sequential analysis: The case of a team in the Spanish second division-A
  51. High level performance in world judo circuit: Notational analyzes of combat phase by weight categories
  52. The Effect of aerobic and anaerobic training with melatonin consumption on the expression of apoptotic genes BAX and BCL2 myocardial in rats after ischemic reperfusion
  53. Benefits of physical activity for children with autism
  54. Biomechanical analysis of four indoor and outdoor triple jump World Championship finals: Sopot 2014, London 2017 and Birmingham 2018
  55. Influence of physical activity practice in aggression-victimization in students


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