Biomechanics of the clean and jerk in weightlifting national Jordanian team


  • Amer I. Al-Khleifat University of Jordan, Jordan
  • Maher Al-Kilani Hashemite University, Jordan
  • Hashem A. Kilani University of Jordan, Jordan


Kinematics, Barbell, Olympic lifts


Seven elite national Jordanian weightlifters were videoed at 50 fields per second from the sagittal plane during the execution of the clean and jerk (C&J) on an AMTI force platform with 3 weights of submaximal lifts; low medium and high weights (35%, 65%, 85%) of their maximum. Linear and angular kinematics of the barbell with the ground reaction forces histories of the lower body were analysed using Kinova & APAS. A significant decrease was found in the maximum vertical velocity of the barbell during the second pull of the heaviest lift (p < 0.05). Maximum extension velocity of the hip joint significantly increased during the first pull of the heaviest lift (p < 0.05). Vertical velocity and maximum bar height decreased during the second pull, especially at 85%. Angle-angle diagrams of the knee and hip profile showed major differences among participants, especially at the 85% lift of their maximum.


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