Management efficiency and its impact on managing the aviation insurance portfolio: An empirical study at the National Insurance Company in Iraq


  • Halla Nasser Katie University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Alaa Abdul Karim Hadi Al-Baldawi University of Baghdad, Iraq


Administrative efficiency, Aviation insurance, Reinsurance, Profitability


This study aimed to look for the possibility of a possible relationship between the ratios of administrative efficiency, and the management of the aviation insurance portfolio in terms of return ratios and profitability of the portfolio of the national insurance company during the period (2011-2016).The study will try to achieve these objectives based on the methods of statistical and financial analysis, where the statistical program SPSS was used to analyse the data, in addition to the average rate of change or growth during the period of investigation and the relationship between both the ratios studied the administrative efficiency and Reinsurance ratios to see the impact of each of these ratios on the profitability of the portfolio, using a simple regression. The present research concludes that managing the insurance company's functions, particularly reinsurance efficiently, affects and reflects clearly and significantly on the profitability and success of this company and that the insurance on aircraft is considered a high-premium insurance product that generates good profits for insurance companies. However, the study showed a weakness of link in the administrative efficiency of the National Insurance Company, as its retention rate of substandard aviation insurance premium is scored around50% of the total subscription. This indicates the company's total reliance on reinsurance and the insurance company's exposure to the risk of reinsurance. The study recommended working to improve the management efficiency of insurance companies by holding training courses that will improve employee productivity and reduce expenses by better managing the company's assets. The national insurance company should benefit from the experience of the reinsurer in training its technical staff in surveying and managing risks, which leads to reduced losses.


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