Self-Confidence and some attention manifestations and their relation to (100) meter freestyle run for disabled runners category (t42)


  • Thaer Dawood AlQaisi University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sanaa Majid Mohammed University of Baghdad, Iraq


Mental abilities, Psychological training, Psychomotor performance, Track and field games, Disabled category


Mental abilities are among the most important and essential fundamentals that contribute to reach to the highest levels of players. It represents a basic axis of preparation and psychological training. So, self- confidence and attention manifestations are important psychological factors that develop psychomotor performance in track and field games, and (100) meter freestyle run for disabled category (T42) especially through psychological exercises that increase sport ability. Moreover, digital development, high technical level of different games in general and track and field in particular is a great and practical event since many researches and studies are conducted on individual  and team sports including (100) meter freestyle run for disabled category (T42). So, the study importance stems from an attempt to identify the significance of self- confidence and some attention manifestations and their relations to (100) meter freestyle run for disabled category (T42) as part of athletics.


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