The impact of programmed e-learning of the tactical aspects on the level of tactical thinking and decision-making for basketball course students


  • Majed Saleem El-Saleh Al Ain University, United Arab Emirates


Physical education, E-Learning, Tactical aspects, Tactical thinking, Decision making, Basketball


This study aimed to identify the impact of programmed e-learning of the tactical aspects on the level of tactical thinking and decision-making among students of the basketball course, where the sample of the study consisted of (50) students from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Taibah, from those who have completed the requirements of team sports course (1) (basketball), and enrolled in the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017, and the study was conducted using a single group design, where a program of programmed tactical aspects was applied to the sample. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the experimental approach as it suits the nature of this study. After using the appropriate statistical treatments, the results of the study showed that the programmed e-learning of the tactical aspects had a positive effect on the sample members. The results showed that there was a statistically significant effect on their level of tactical thinking and decision making when comparing the results of the pre and post measurements of the sample members. In the light of the results of the study, the researcher recommended the use of The Tactical Thinking Scale in the case of enrolling students in the team sports, basketball course (1). The study also recommended conducting studies on the program of tactical thinking in addition to some psychological and social qualities such as "emotional stability, achievement motivation, and mental perception, leadership" and similar studies on other practical courses.


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