Exploring factors that influence participation in intradialytic physical exercise for haemodialysis users: A phenomenological qualitative study


  • Paula Isabel Moscoso Austral University of Chile, Chile https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2893-1213
  • Camila Fernanda Madrid Austral University of Chile, Chile
  • Maria Luisa Gajardo Austral University of Chile, Chile


Exercise, Renal dialysis, Perception, Patient participation


Background: Most of haemodialyzed users are sedentary, because of these the practice of intradialytic physical exercise is fundamental. Programs of physical exercise have been implemented on several dialysis units, but there is still low participation, so it is necessary to find the factors that are influencing participant decisions. Objective: Exploring factors that influence haemodialysis users participation in intradialytic physical exercise. Materials and methods: A phenomenological qualitative study was carried out applying semi-structured interviews to 24 people among patients, family members and health care team. The Colaizzi method was used for data analysis. Results: Three main themes appeared, facilitators, positive impacts, and barriers. Among the facilitators, a favourable social environment, an assertive physical therapy treatment, effective communication and self-care awareness were identified. On the positive impacts, physical impact and quality of life were perceived and, finally, participation barriers included physical and psychosocial factors, and haemodialysis treatment barriers. Conclusions: The present study shows that both facilitators and positive impacts perceived by the users, encourage participation in intradialytic physical exercise, and the barriers decrease it. It seems that to raise participation in intradialytic physical exercise programs, it is necessary to find the local factors influencing participation, enhance facilitators and decrease the existing barriers.


Physiotherapy department at Universidad Austral de Chile, Patricia Aguilera, head nurse at Dialysis Unit-Valdivia's Hospital, Dr. Mauricio Barria


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