Strategy proposal for the redesign of the Subject Program Athletics I of the Physical Education career curriculum approach by competence according to the educational model of the university



Competitions, Curricular redesign, Training by competitions, Athletics


A study was carried out at the micro-curriculum level at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, justified from the problem in the specific training in the subject of athletics I in the Physical Education career. As an objective, a strategy was proposed that favoured the redesign of the program of the Athletics I subject of the Physical Education Career Curriculum, through a competency approach according to the Educational Model of the National Autonomous University of Honduras. The qualitative study was justified from the fact that experts, teachers, coaches and students who are the direct protagonists in the development of the curriculum were considered as key informants, however, coverage is increased by involving employers, graduates, sports authorities in athletics, accompanied by national and international advisers and consultants, in the area of curriculum with a focus on competence in physical education and sport through the application of interviews, surveys to demonstrate both the existing shortcomings and the progress obtained after the application of the strategy; It was possible to modify from the use of competences of the students of the physical education career in the athletics sport with conceptual, procedural and attitudinal knowledge and therefore with a coherent methodology to the new approaches such as: problem-based learning and project methodology, and specific sports skills of the different competitive tests in athletics.


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