Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

An investigation into the relationship between throw performance and maximum weight in weight training of female discus throwers

Yuta Takanashi, Natsumi Fujimori, Natsue Koikawa



The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between female disc throwers’ competitive performance and their maximum lifting weights. The study results were obtained via an internet survey targeting 37 female athletes specializing in the discus throw. Maximum lift weights from the bench press, the full squat, the dead lift, the high clean, and the snatch were recorded. Pearson's accumulated correlation coefficient was used to determine the association between competition performance and one repetition maximum. The results of the survey revealed that weights, there was a significant positive correlation between the performance of female discus throwers and their maximum lifting weight in the bench press, the high clean, and the snatch. Incidentally, there was a significant positive correlation between the height and the performance of female athletes. These results reveal the importance of the bench press and the clean and snatch among female discus throwers.


Discuss throwers; Female Athletes; Weight training; Athletics


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