Effects of gaming glasses on the autonomic nervous system while playing e-Sports


  • Yoshiko Saito Behavior Assessment Systems Laboratory, Japan
  • Hirohisa Isogai Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan
  • Dai Takahashi Fukuoka e-sports Research Consortium, Japan


e-Sports, Autonomic nervous system, Eyes, Gaming glasses


[Purpose]Eyestrain associated with playing e-Sports has been identified as a problem. Several types of glasses for use during play have been developed to address this, but the studies to prove their efficacy are scarce. This research aims to examine what influence the wearing of gaming glasses has on the autonomic nervous system when playing e-sports. [Method] 60 students were divided into 3 groups, with two of these using gaming glasses and one group using demonstration lenses. Each group got Standard Deviation of Normal to Normal (SDNN), Physiological Stress Index (PSI), Total Power (LF/HF/VLF), Sympathetic Nerve Activity (LnLF), Parasympathetic activity (LnHF), as well as Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Balance (Ln (LF/HF)) Autonomic Nervous System measurements (6 in total) before and after playing one videogame for three hours. [Results and remarks] Blue and Gray lenses were compared against demonstration lenses with the results of the SDNN, showing a higher and healthier heartbeat variability, stronger resistance to stress and improved concentration after playing. Furthermore, the results of the Ln (LF/HF) showed the use blue lenses remarkably improved Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Balance, both working actively and in good form. These results suggest the wearing of gaming glasses during play have a real effect on players.


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