The impact of descending pyramid training size in development of the special strength of the arms and the accuracy of set shot in the wheelchair basketball player


  • Ahmed Amer Mohammed Ali Babylon University, Iraq


Pyramid training, Special strength, Set shot


The importance of this study lies in the use of descending pyramid training and the scope of its effect in developing the endurance of the two arms in all their different forms and the set shot accuracy for basketball players on wheelchairs. The researcher attempts to scientifically improves the sport level through the use of means of descending pyramid training whose use has become common among athletic players. The problem of the study is present in the weakness of the physical abilities in general and special strength in particular. This is reflected in the accuracy of set shot of the basketball players on wheelchairs. The problem is also lying in overcoming slow development in this strength which happens in wheelchair basketball players according to the type of disability and its severity which hinders the development of the sport performance. The researcher uses the experimental method in one group in the pre- and post-test. The population of the study is eleven male basketball players of the Maysan Governorate. The sample is selected according to comprehensive inventory method representing. After determining the tests and conducting the pre-tests, the training program is applied for six weeks, two units per week. After the application of post-tests and finding the results, the tests are analysed statistically, and the following results are found: the descending pyramid training improves the special strength and set shot for those players. The results show that there is a big effect and a significant level of this type of training for the development of all discussed variables. The researcher recommends necessarily the use of descending pyramid training to develop the forms of muscle strength during the general preparation of the team.


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