Physical activity, physical condition and quality of life in schoolchildren




Physical activity, Physical condition, Quality of life, Educational institution


The study analyses the physical condition and quality of life on the physical activity of schoolchildren in a Peruvian educational institution, applying a non-probability and convenience sampling, to 168 first-year high school students, being 41.07% men and 58.93% women. Physical condition was assessed using the ALPHA-Fitness battery, and physical activity and quality of life were assessed using questionnaires with a reliability of .929 and .75, respectively. Regarding the procedures, descriptive analyses, post-hoc comparisons and a multiple regression model were carried out. Among the results, a very active level of physical activity was obtained in the male gender (15.48%) and a moderate level in the opposite gender (9%). Physical activity is related to a medium level of quality of life (p = .000), while a low and medium level of physical activity is associated with a better level of physical condition (p < .05). In addition, physical condition and quality of life explain 15% and 14%, respectively, in physical activity. It is concluded that the relationship between physical activity and physical condition is positive and bidirectional; thus, physical activity, physical condition and quality of life are positively related.


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