Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Physical activity, physical condition and quality of life in schoolchildren

Sophia Cristina Uribe, Manuel Jesus Arista-Huaco, Ivan Angel Encalada-Díaz, Sandy Dorian Isla-Alcoser



The study analyses the physical condition and quality of life on the physical activity of schoolchildren in a Peruvian educational institution, applying a non-probability and convenience sampling, to 168 first-year high school students, being 41.07% men and 58.93% women. Physical condition was assessed using the ALPHA-Fitness battery, and physical activity and quality of life were assessed using questionnaires with a reliability of .929 and .75, respectively. Regarding the procedures, descriptive analyses, post-hoc comparisons and a multiple regression model were carried out. Among the results, a very active level of physical activity was obtained in the male gender (15.48%) and a moderate level in the opposite gender (9%). Physical activity is related to a medium level of quality of life (p = .000), while a low and medium level of physical activity is associated with a better level of physical condition (p < .05). In addition, physical condition and quality of life explain 15% and 14%, respectively, in physical activity. It is concluded that the relationship between physical activity and physical condition is positive and bidirectional; thus, physical activity, physical condition and quality of life are positively related.


Physical activity; Physical condition; Quality of life; Educational institution


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