The effect of sponsorships and product marketing on the management activities of football clubs: A contextual and dimensional study


  • Ghazwan Aziz Mohsen Wasit University, Iraq
  • Amer Rashid Shayyal Wasit University, Iraq
  • Mustafa Mohammed Ali Farhan Wasit University, Iraq



Marketing, Producers, Economic interest, Business, Football


Market and marketing is important in our lives, as each of us looks forward to getting our different needs from the available resources, which are usually different and multiple. Therefore, different economic interests, producers of goods, services and ideas, strive to reach consumers and persuade them to buy goods and services, which they produce only. Marketing is not limited to the process of selling and advertising goods; it involves providing the required goods in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Marketing is therefore one of the core activities of modern businesses. It is also a strategic hub, because it is a confrontation between the institution and the environment in which it is located.


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Mohsen, G. A., Shayyal, A. R., & Farhan, M. M. A. (2021). The effect of sponsorships and product marketing on the management activities of football clubs: A contextual and dimensional study. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 16(3proc), S1457-S1466.