Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Effects of flipped learning on kinesthetic response and scoring accuracy in football at indoors stadiums for middle school students according to Susan Model

Sadiq Jafar Sadiq



The study aims to design educational units using reverse learning strategy, prepared by the researcher in advance through video lessons according to Susan's settings for learning patterns and determine their effects on the highest mobility response and scoring accuracy in futsal according to learning patterns The sample was divided into three sections (visual learning mode, vocal learning mode and motor learning mode), which represent three experimental groups for joint exercises using reverse learning, and continued throughout the implementation of the program (10 weeks) with a total of two units per week after treatment. Statistically (SPSS), the researcher concluded that the use of reverse learning on the research sample, each of which follows its learning method according to the case of Susan, played a major role in determining which of the three best patterns in developing kinetic response speed and scoring accuracy in futsal.


Motor learning; Built-learning; Sensory modelling; Futsal


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