Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

The effects of tactical sequences on game scenarios in the development of skilful and tactical performances for futsal players

Sadiq Jafar Sadiq



The research problem is represented by the weakness in implementing the plans for some playing modes in this game and consequently weakness and decline in the planning and skilful performance for most players. This study aims to make and design practices for tactical sequences for some playing modes in the Futsal game and to learn the effects of these practices in the planning and skilful performances of the research sample. The study hypothesis that there are statistically important differences between the results pre-tests and post-tests in planning and skilful performance for the research of the two groups for the experimental group. Used the experimental method to suit the nature of the problem to be solved and to achieve the objectives and the hypothesis of the research. The main experiment implementation lasted for 6 weeks that contains 3 training learning units. After finishing the main experiment, the posttest was made and used SPSS to treat the results of posttests and pretests for the experiment of the two groups. For the skill and planning performance of the experimental group. Used the experimental method or its suitability to the nature problem to be solved and to achieve the objectives and hypothesis of the research and reach to several conclusions including that the practices of tactical sequences or some modes of playing that are made and corrected by the researcher which had a positive influence in developing the in skilful and planning performance for the subjects of the experimental group.


Training; Coach tactics; Futsal; Practices


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