Business management of the sport industry by considering the digitalization


  • Lidia Sergeevna Budovich Russian Technologic University (RTU MIREA), Russian Federation



Business management, Sport industry, Digitalization, E-marketing, Managerial challenges, Socio-cultural challenges, Technical challenges


Background: In the present era where the concepts of communication, competition, customer orientation, business are inextricably linked, e-marketing as an element of existing business, plays a pivotal role in maintaining and surviving businesses by attracting and retaining customers, identifying and introducing products. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing in the sports industry and to provide a solution for the development of e-commerce in the sports industry. Participants and Methodology: Because marketing is an intermediary between the producer (supplier) and the consumer and plays a key role in the prosperity of business goals of commercial enterprises, the prosperity of sales (product or service), will expand production and increase revenue levels Results: This article tries to examine the effect of e-marketing on the sale of sports products. The results showed that technical challenges do not hinder the implementation of e-commerce in the country's sports industry, but managerial challenges as well as socio-cultural challenges to some extent, hinder the implementation of e-commerce in the country's sports industry. The ranking of the three challenges were: Managerial, Socio-cultural, and Technical challenges, respectively. Conclusion: Economic, commercial and social institutions will support new media as a means to expand their sphere of influence and attract audiences and customers of their goods, products, services, ideas and beliefs. Therefore, e-marketing in the form of a set of marketing activities through the World Wide Web is considered as the most extensive and influential communication network and currently many individuals and companies.


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