Effective administration of the talent care centers of sports directors in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of employees’ point of view


  • Alaa Khalaf Abd-Alzahra Al-Karkh University for Sciences, Iraq
  • Ali Abu Al-Shoun Abd National Security Service, Iraq
  • Salam Hantoush Rasheed Mustansiryah University, Iraq




Talent care, Sport directors, Employee, Sports institution


The aim of the study is reality of effective management of managers in sports talent centres from the employees’ viewpoint. The study problem formulated in the following main question: Evaluating the effective management of the managers of sports talent care centres in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Iraq from the employees ' point of view. The management of institutions, especially sport institutions, considered one of the most important ways in the leadership of youth sports institutions, which is the most important in sports institutions in Iraq, among sports talent centres in the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports, which effectively train athletes for sports teams, in order to achieve the required aims for these centres, to be an effective and distinguished administration that works to achieve the real aims of that institution by reaching a distinguished management that dealing of the world. The importance of the current study lies in evaluating the effective management of managers of sports talent care centres in the Ministry of Youth and Sports from employees’ point of view by determining the most important ways to develop the way that suits the best nature of the sports institution. Elementary school is the basic pillar in building societies, through it, all educational and scientific based on scientific foundations that achieve the desired aims, while if there is weakness in any field, will greatly affect by the results of the scientific institution. The importance of this study summarized as the one of the pioneering studies for distinguished to the effective management in the institutions and centres of sports talent care in the Ministry of Youth and sports of Iraq.


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The National Education and Higher Education Strategy in Iraq, the Center and the Regional, Baghdad, April, 2012.


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Abd-Alzahra, A. K., Abd, A. A. A.-S., & Rasheed, S. H. (2021). Effective administration of the talent care centers of sports directors in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of employees’ point of view. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 16(4proc), S1929-S1936. https://doi.org/10.14198/jhse.2021.16.Proc4.39