Recommendations for implementation of physical training guidelines for patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis


  • Hans Müller-Ortiz University of Concepción & Chilean Nephrology Society & Higueras Hospital & Nephrology Institute, Chile
  • Paula Moscoso-Aguayo Austral University of Chile & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Javier Troncoso-Riquelme University of Concepción & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Manuel Rain-Gajardo Mutual de Seguridad-C. Ch. C & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Ailyn Basaez-Fernandez Physiotherapy Unit SODINEF Viña del Mar; Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Unit, TELEMED for ONCOVIDA & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Lucas Opazo-Rios Autonomous University of Madrid & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Alexis Gonzalez-Burboa University of Concepción & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Aldo Vera-Calzaretta Lautaro Hospital & University of Concepción & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Carlos Zuñiga-San Martín Higueras Hospital & Nephrology Institute & Catholic University of la Santísima Concepción & University of Concepción, Chile
  • Cristian Pedreros-Rosales University of Concepción & Higueras Hospital, Chile
  • Patricio Vasquez-Mendez Santo Tomás University & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Nicolas Orozco-Guillen Lautaro Hospital & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Rodrigo Delgado-Diaz Port Terminal & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Patricio Muñoz-Aguilar San Juan de Dios CESFAM & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile
  • Juan Pablo Martinez-Soto Metropolitan West Health Service & Chilean Nephrology Society, Chile



Exercise therapy, Renal hemodialysis, Renal insufficiency, Chronic, Frailty, Quality of life


The exponential growth in the prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is currently one of the greatest public health challenges worldwide, with a high economic impact at the health level and on the quality of life of affected patients. In countries with a low organ donation rate, hemodialysis is the renal replacement treatment par excellence. Although hemodialysis improves patient survival, in the medium and long term it generates a series of consequences and pathophysiological adaptations that gradually cause a significant reduction in general physical function, affecting daily activities and quality of life. The evidence of the beneficial effects of exercise in patients with any stage of chronic kidney disease, including those on dialysis therapy, is well known. Different types of physical training programs have shown to significantly improve the physical function of patients. The positive impact on clinical aspects such as mental health, hemodialysis efficacy as well as associated healthcare costs is significant. In Latin American countries, these programs are still at a very incipient level of development. The present work is a review of recommendations that should be considered for the implementation of a physical training program for patients on chronic hemodialysis.


Nephrology Chilean Society, Chile.


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