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The impact of the five-cycle learning strategy using some mental maps in learning the skill of reception and preparation in volleyball

Ahmed Khaled Awad, Zina Hassan Amr



The study aims to use a new strategy applied through the preparation of special educational units using the strategy of the five-year learning cycle, which is helpful in learning the skills of preparation and reception in volleyball. The article utilized the experimental method for its relevance to the research problem nature. The research sample was represented by students of the second stage in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - College of Knowledge University. Their number was (130) students divided into two groups, the first experimental group using the strategy of the five-year learning cycle, and the second control group using the adopted method. By the teacher of the subject, the skills of preparation and reception were chosen in the flying way, and the selection of appropriate tests for these two skills. The tools and means used, and then the tribal tests through which the equivalence was conducted. Then the main experiment was applied by applying the educational units to the experimental group. Then the researcher conducted the post-tests and the use of statistical means. The conclusions reached by the researcher were that there is a positive effect of using the cycle strategy The quinquennial learning in learning the skills of preparation and receiving the transmission with volleyball for students. There was an effect of the educational units that were developed for the stages of the strategy of the five-year learning cycle for the skills of preparation and reception with the ball the plane.


Performance analysis of sport, Volleyball, Five-cycle learning strategy, Mental maps, Reception


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